Take Action Now: Proponents of bad policy are working hard, we need to work harder.

This Monday afternoon the first public hearing on Senate Bill 324 took place. The bill, if passed, would enable a low carbon fuel standard in Oregon. Proponents of the bill have been well-organized and meticulous in their daily outreach to legislators. Many of these folks also testified on behalf of the bill today, claiming that it is a vital component for environmental protection and that it will ultimately be beneficial to businesses and consumers.

We know this is not true. The hard truth is that if SB 324 becomes law, the cost of fuel and the burden of regulation may increase for nearly every Oregon consumer and business. Even the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality estimates that fuel prices will go up. If you want to stop SB 324, the time to act is NOW. Your voice needs to be heard, and in fact must be heard if we are to find success in defeating SB 324. In recent years, in healthcare, energy, and other areas, Oregon’s government has made big mistakes with experimental policies. Mistakes that Oregonians have been made to pay for. Let’s not make another big fiscal mistake.

Talking Points:

  • There is no assurance that there will be enough ethanol available for blending to get all of us to the 10% ethanol by 2025.
  • But wait, you can buy or trade credits if your equipment, auto, or truck can’t burn the bio-fuels provided. Really!  Why would we want to spend extra time and money buying credits?
  • There is no assurance that the program will even get close to reducing the carbon the proponents are alleging.
  • Why spend time and money on a program that is no more than an experiment in social and market engineering.
  • The automobile and trucking industries are responding every year with new technology to reduce air pollution and increase mileage.

Please contact your legislator today and let your voice be heard.  Tell your legislator to please vote ‘NO’. View a written testimony from past president Curtis Martin.

Click here to view a list of contacts for the Oregon Senate.

Click here to view a list of contacts for the Oregon House.

Here is a link that can connect you to Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy. They will help you send a note to your legislator through an easy process via their website (click here.)  You can also compose your own letter using the information above that Jim has put together.