AgGrad & Oregon Cattlemen Partner on Snapchat

Salem, Oregon (July 31, 2017) – The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association’s office staff took an opportunity to partner with Ag Grad Nation, a popular social medium forum used to place agricultural students into career jobs post-graduation. The OCA looked forward to a day of sharing what it’s like to be a part of a non-profit agricultural association and the different job positions that one can have.

Those who follow along on their Snapchat got to learn what Chiyanna Tolton does to recruit members to the OCA and the different benefits one can have to being a member. Then summer intern, Olivia Wichman, explained her projects of video blogs and event planning with a little teaser to the concert we are going to be having at the Annual Convention!

Bringing the Snapchat channel back into the office, Ashley Hynes (Administrative Director) discussed some of the different job tasks that she does in order for the OCA to stay on top of our non-profit status and running smoothly. Katie Schrock, the Communications Director, showcased the different events the OCA produces throughout the year as well as the different forms of communication that she manages.

Tips and mentoring were given throughout as the OCA hopes to encourage the future of the agriculture industry and maybe, just maybe, we will see some of these Snapchat followers as future members, as future interns and future employees of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association!

Congratulations to KC (@KCCattleCo on Twitter) for winning our grand prize giveaway of a beaded denim trucker Oregon Cattleman hat and to Audra Jones (@auds_jones on Twitter) who got a secondary prize of one of our white Oregon Cattleman campfire mugs!

To learn more about AgGrad Nation, check them out on their website.