May 27, 2016   -   News, Press Releases

Salem, Ore., Lauren LaGrande (05/26/2016) –Coffee, cowboy hats, and cattle conversations made up the recipe for Oregon Cattlemen’s Association’s 2016 Midyear event. Over 100 ranchers from all over … READ MORE

With TPP, Time Really is Money

April 13, 2016   -   Featured, News, Press Releases

SALEM,Ore., (04/13/2016) – Everyday Congress waits to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership; the Oregon cattle industry is hurt by export tariffs that could be addressed with the passing … READ MORE

Necessary but Undesirable

March 31, 2016   -   Featured, News, Press Releases

Salem, Ore., (03/31/16)—On Thursday, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife made the difficult decision to enact lethal take on the Imnaha pack after the pack committed five depredations … READ MORE

Bi-Partisan Decision to Pass Wolf Bill Brings Hope to Oregon Ranchers

March 15, 2016   -   Featured, News, Press Releases

Salem, Ore., (03/15/16)— After a short session that sported many twists and turns, the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association was glad to hear the Governor chose to sign HB 4040 … READ MORE

A Positive Action for Ranchers, Wolves and Oregon

March 4, 2016   -   Featured, Legislative, News, Press Releases

Salem, Ore., (03/04/16)—After months of hard work, long conversations and countless meetings, HB 4040 passed the senate on a 17-11 vote Wednesday evening. This bill, sponsored by Representative … READ MORE

Oregon Farm Bureau & Cattlemen urge passage of wolf delisting bill

March 1, 2016   -   Featured, News, Press Releases

  March 1, 2016, Salem, Oregon: The 2015 Annual Wolf Report by Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife makes official what Oregon ranchers know first-hand: the state’s wolf … READ MORE

A Detrimental Proposal

February 25, 2016   -   Featured, News, Press Releases

Agriculture. A way of life that dates back to America’s founding fathers. It is not only a lifestyle that allows people to produce food, it is a lifestyle … READ MORE

Federal Support for the Wolf Delisting Bill: HB 4040

February 22, 2016   -   Featured, Legislative, News

“Dear Chairman Edwards and Members of the Committee: I urge you to stand behind the public process and provisions embodied in the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan … READ MORE

HB 4040 Asks All Wolf Plan Stakeholders to Honor Their Word

February 12, 2016   -   Featured, News, Press Releases

Salem, Ore., (02/12/16)—Today, during the 10:30 session when Oregon’s House of Representatives convened, house bill 4040 was brought forward and passed. The bill proposes that the Oregon legislature … READ MORE

A Much Needed Conversation

February 12, 2016   -   Featured, News, Press Releases

SALEM, Ore., (02/11/2016) – After months of stress, confusion and heartache, the refuge takeover appears to have ended. The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association has repeatedly made clear that it … READ MORE

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