Oregon Resources Monitoring Guide

March 23, 2015   -   Education, Ranching 101

The Rancher’s Guide to Improved Grazing Oregon Resources Monitoring Guide

Lectures on Range Analysis and Statistics

February 26, 2015   -   Ranching 101

Hear from the experts on range land monitoring. Click here to watch “Range Analysis Introduction Web.” Click here to watch “Review of Statistics Web.”  

IMV Digital Charting with GPS Cameras Part 1

February 26, 2015   -   Ranching 101

Photographs have been used since the 1920’s to document range land conditions. To learn more about digital charting watch the video! To watch the video click here!

Measuring Vegetation Series

February 26, 2015   -   Ranching 101

These videos help explain measurement of vegetation identification of ecological sites, plant production, and utilization. Click here to watch part one of the video! Click here to watch … READ MORE