We thought we’d do a little Q&A with our newest intern to help you get to know her better!

What school did you go to and what is your major?

I attended Clackamas Community College for my Associates, and just graduated this year from Corban University with my Bachelors in English.

What is your favorite animal and why?

I love the cats on our farm. Anyone who says they are unfriendly has not been attacked by a calico wanting attention!

What sparked your interest in agriculture?

I grew up on a cherry and peach orchard with a huge garden in the backyard. There is an underlying satisfaction to seeing a tree that looks dead at the beginning of the season produce fruit by the end, and being able to see the direct result of your sweat and wrinkles at harvest time. It is refreshing to work with people in this industry who are interested in longevity rather than instant results.

What is your favorite candy bar and why?

Heath bars are a favorite; you can’t get much better than caramel, nuts, chocolate! And they’re great for baking, snacks, or as a DQ Blizzard.

What is the biggest thing you hope to learn from this internship?

Social media is a primary factor in modern communication, and working in a business setting allows me to justify the time it takes to maintain that line of contact. I am already applying these skills to my current job, and planning my approach for using these tools as I pursue opportunities as a writer.

The quality of this association and its welcoming members have impressed me and made this internship both interesting and enjoyable.