*Update : Carson Oil has officially signed on with the Natural Resource Alliance. You must be an OCA member to redeem these benefits.
What this means…

-Members will receive a .02 per gallon discount on all grades of fuel and diesel. This discount is available at all of Carson owned CFN and Pacific Pride locations. The cards must be issued through Carson to receive these discounts.
-Members are encouraged to take advantage of prompt pay discount. Carson receives payment within 5 days of being invoiced; the member will receive a 2% discount off of their invoice. Members must set up an auto pay account for these discounts.
-Members are required to keep accounts current. If they choose not to take advantage of the prompt pay discount all payments are due by invoiced date. Carson reserves the right to discontinue service with members who are delinquent on accounts.
-The use of credit cards is not allowed on invoice payments.
-Deliveries will be handled at one of our various locations throughout Oregon. Carson branches are located in the following cities, Portland, Albany, Prineville, Grants Pass, Hood River, North Bend, Tillamook, Newport, and Toledo. Carson can accommodate deliveries from 100 to 10,000 gallons. The price per gallon will fluctuate with the amount of gallons ordered.
-Carson has a full line of Chevron, Kendall, and Cam 2 lubricants. Diesel Exhaust fluid, solvent, race gas, chemicals, commercial pressure washers, and waste oil furnaces that are also available to members.
-Carson will also offer a 15% discount on equipment products (Hotsy pressure washers & Clean Burn waste oil heaters)
-Natural Resource Members must identify themselves as such on Carson’s credit application.

Bill Wilber recently presented an interesting overview of the work that is being done by the Natural Resource Alliance Steering Committing. The presentation focused on efforts to create a group purchasing program that takes advantage of the volume purchases that members of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association buy every year.

Specifically, the Steering Committee has focused on fuel, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and supplements. After many meetings, the committee has agreed to focus on developing a purchasing program that allows for substantial discounts on all types of fuel and petroleum products for OCA, Farm Bureau and other natural resource members.

The Steering Committee selected Ed Staub and Sons as the initial supplier of fuel. The test site location is being held in Harney County. The program will include the full line of Chevron lubricants, gasoline, diesel, propane, fuel oil, exhaust fluid additives, solvates, race gas and chemicals that are typically used in farming and ranching businesses.

To access these substantial discounted prices you must be a current member of a natural resource association. Contact Jerome Rosa at 503-361-8941 or Bill Wilber at 541-493-2567 for further information.