We thought we’d do a little Q&A session with Allyn to help you get to know her and better be able to welcome her to the OCA!

What school do you go to and what is your major?

I attend Oregon State University and am majoring in Agricultural Business Management with a minor in Communications… go beavs!

Why did you choose that major?

When I started college three years ago, it was with the intention of earning a business degree with potential to specialize in marketing. However, soon after starting down that path, I came to realize that while I was very interested in obtaining a strong foundation of business knowledge and skills, I was most interested in applying that knowledge within an agricultural based business environment. Learning how I can apply myself to help rural and agricultural based businesses grow and thrive is exciting to me, and thus the reason I declared Agricultural Business Management.

What is your favorite animal and why?

That’s a tough one since I am such an animal lover! I have always had a passion for horses though and would have to say that they are my favorite animal. I began riding when I was about seven years old and love how they are big and beautiful, but also have the capacity to be gentle and loving companions.

What got you interested in agriculture?

Well, despite the fact that I didn’t grow up on property or with an agricultural based business in the family, I have always been drawn to rural life and seeing all that the land can provide. Throughout my childhood I was constantly outdoors and exposed to hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding; the list goes on and on! Then, as I became older, I had the opportunity to visit a friend’s ranch in SW Colorado. During my time there, I learned how they have adapted over the years to remain competitive and viable, which was interesting to me. Also, I came to understand the significance of effective resource management. This new information, coupled with my love for the outdoors, really sparked my interest in agriculture.

What goals do you hope to accomplish while interning at the OCA?

My main goal throughout the course of my internship would be to learn how educational events and legislative actions can be used to influence and create a healthy industry for Oregon Cattlemen. Additionally, I hope to contribute to a positive environment and act as a voice for Oregon Cattlemen to help them continually evolve throughout the years.

What is your favorite color and why?

My favorite color is green. I think I like it because it is calming to me and reminds me somewhat of the outdoors.

What is your dream job and why?

Over the years my dream job has changed probably 100 times! Right now it would be one that allows for me to be a part of a business that makes a difference for others. Even though I may not have it nailed down right now, it will definitely be something that I genuinely enjoy and have a passion for.