Salem, Ore. (March 14, 2017) – It is with heavy hearts that we continue to witness the mass destruction and devastation caused by wildfires that continue to rage across the Southern Plains, affecting ranching families in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. Not only have these ranchers lost beloved horses, full herds of magnificent beef cattle, but many have lost family members while trying to save their homes and livelihood from these fires.

We ask Oregon ranchers to come together and support their fellow ranching families in this time of need.

If you would like to donate to the wildfire relief for the Southern Plains, please go to our Stewardship Fund at orcattle.com/products-page/donations/donation-oregon-cattlemens-stewardship-fund/ and include the memo “Southern Wildfire Relief.” Funds raised will be given to a wildfire relief fund effort.

The surviving cattle and ranching families are in desperate need of essentials like hay and fencing. If you would like to make a donation of fencing, material, hay, trucking or time, please email OCA Communications Director, Katie Schrock, at katie.schrock@orcattle.com. We are working hard to build a relief effort team and would appreciate any assistance we can get.

“The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association takes serious efforts in helping not only their own members but also our fellow ranchers across the country in times of crisis. Please consider making a donation to the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association’s Stewardship Fund for the Southern Wildfire Relief donation efforts,” said Jerome Rosa, the Executive Director of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association.

Help OCA help these ranching families and their livestock!


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