January 23, 2012. Salem, OR – Curtis Martin, President of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, issued the following statement regarding the recent report of probable wolf kill of a mule on an Oregon private landowner’s property

“The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is gravely concerned at the most recent report of a domestic animal killed most likely by a Canadian Gray wolf, as stated by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and reported by the Oregonian (1/19/2012). The increased presence of predators that are endangering local domestic animals is a very real threat not only to livestock but to landowners living on rangeland and their families. Recent reports in Wallace Idaho of confirmed kill of dogs by predator wolves also highlights the threat that is present when predators interface with domestic animals (http://tinyurl.com/72mqlnf) . The OCA urges individuals who see wolves or other predators that appear to be threatening or dangerous to humans or other animals to immediately contact the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife or their local law enforcement and take all necessary precautions to avoid harm done to themselves or others.

Predator management including management and control of Canadian Gray Wolves in Oregon is an important function of ODF&W as well as the local residents of our communities where the predator presence is apparent. It is critical that good research and data is collected on these incidents in order to fully inform the process of management and control to benefit not only landowners but also their animals and pets, their livestock, their families and also the ecological balance that is necessary for wildlife to not only grow but to also thrive. This balance is important for our environment and our economy. Predator population must be carefully planned to meet that balance for the best interests and safety of those involved. The OCA supports management and control programs to be developed that have significant input of the local residents of areas impacted.”

To read the Oregonian story on recent mule kill: http://tinyurl.com/6qtzuep