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The mission of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is to:

  • Promote environmentally and socially sound cattle industry practices;
  • Promote a positive image of the industry;
  • Strengthen the industry’s economics;
  • Assure a strong political presence;
  • Strengthen communities for future generations;
  • Restore and protect property rights.

Is Membership for Me?

“OCA” represents a wide-range of people and businesses involved in Oregon’s cattle industry. Do you own cattle? Do you work on a ranch? Do you sell products to ranchers? Are you involved in land stewardship? Are you involved in large animal health and care? Are you a supporter of the industry? Are you involved in agricultural education?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, there is a place for you at OCA and we invite you to membership. Help us lead the way for Oregon’s cattle industry!

OCA Events


CattlePAC Fundraiser

September 19th

Annual Convention

December 5th

Other Events

No Upcoming Events

Executive Committee

Matt McElligott

North Powder

Diana Wirth

Klamath Falls

Andy VanderPlaat


Todd Nash

Immediate Past President

Cattlemen Talk – Video Interviews

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OCA members receive 10 issues annually of the Oregon Cattleman Magazine. Just another benefit of joining the OCA!

You can expect policy updates, committee insights, resources and education.

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