SALEM,Ore., (03/11/2015) – Despite much debate, SB 324 A narrowly passed through the House at a 31-29 vote. This bill is more commonly referred to as the low carbon fuel standard bill and is expected to have a harsh impact on Oregon’s agricultural communities. It now waits on the desk of Oregon Governor Kate Brown to be signed into law. While the passing of the bill may seem like defeat to many agricultural communities who wrote to their House Members asking them to oppose the bill, there is more to be said about this bill’s outcome.

“It was a really close vote,” Jerome Rosa, executive director for the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, said. He believes without the comments of those who wrote in to the Legislature, the outcome wouldn’t have been as close as it was. “It was a good fight.”

Jenny Dresler, government affairs associate for the Oregon Farm Bureau, said the responses legislators received regarding SB 324 A certainly had an impact. “I heard from several legislators in both the House and Senate about how much their constituents’ opinions mattered to them as they considered SB 324 A,” Dresler said.

Rosa said with all the passion he saw displayed regarding the bill, he’s not certain the debate is over. Dresler encourages farmers and ranchers to keep speaking up about how policies like SB 324 A impact agricultural communities. “Your voice can only be heard if you engage,” Dresler said.

The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association was founded in 1913 and works to promote environmentally and socially sound industry practices, improve and strengthen the economics of the industry, and protect its industry communities and private property rights.

By Kayli Hanley