Salem, Ore. (March 8, 2017) – March 3rd and 4th found an exciting opportunity for Oregon Cattlemen’s Association Executive Director, Jerome Rosa, to engage in conversations about Oregon’s political future and meet former President Ronald Reagan’s Executive Assistant Peggy Grande at the 2017 Dorchester Conference.

An opportunity to not only listen to Oregon’s leading Republican Legislators, but also engage in discussion about the future of the beef industry in Oregon, is vitally important for the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association in protecting Oregon’s ranching livelihood. The Republican Leader of the House, Representative Mike McLane, who spoke at our 2016 Annual Convention in November, led a portion of the conference seminar whose rooms were filled.

“Oregon’s conservative Republican base continues to be challenged,” said Rosa. “Dennis Richardson, our new Secretary of State, addressed the group at Dorchester, and is our first Republican in leadership in Oregon in over a decade.”

Dorchester’s highlighted guest speaker, Peggy Grande, recently published a memoir titled “The President Will See You Now; My Stories and Lessons from Ronald Reagan’s Final Years.” As the liaison between Ronald Regan personally and his staff, the public, local dignitaries and world leaders, Grande ensured that his events, travel, personal and political relationships, and day to day operations were handled efficiently and effectively. She now shares what she learned from this high-power position at events like these to allow you to also have a front row seat to history!

To learn more about Dorchester, visit them here.


Peggy Grande signs autographs after speaking.

OCA Executive Director Jerome Rosa with Peggy Grande

The start to Peggy Grande’s presentation.

Peggy Grande presents at the Dorchester Conference in Salem, Oregon.

Republican Leader of the House, Representative Mike McLane led a portion of the conference seminar.


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