Important Follow-Up On Blue-Green Algae Information

David Bohnert
Director & Professor
Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center – Burn & Union Stations


I wanted to provide a little follow-up concerning the information sent out a couple of weeks ago about Blue-Green Algae control.  A producer contacted me and asked if plain Copper Sulfate (the same as used in livestock mineral) was a labeled for use as control for blue-green algae.

I did not know for sure and contacted a specialist in ODA (Pesticide Division) and I was told that plain copper sulfate it is NOT approved for use as an algaecide.  The product used MUST be labeled for the specific use.  I was provided with a few of the types of products available to treat algae – I am attaching the labels for some of them.  This is not an inclusive list and is not meant to promote one particular product over another.  I am simply providing you with example labels that indicate it is proper to use in stock ponds as livestock water.

I hope this helps as I know a number of producers and popular press representatives have contacted me wanting more information.

I have not heard anymore related to the loss of additional cattle to Blue-Green Algae.

~ David Bohnert ~

Algae X Label

Cutrine Ultra Label

Oxcion PX10 Label

Pond Boss Pro Label

Stock Trine II Label