“What does a cow say?” “Mooooo!” came the giddy reply from a pre-school aged child who successfully answered the trivia question at the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association Ag Fest booth. Oregon’s 2015 Ag Fest brought in people from all across the state and the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association was proud to be a part of it.

The event reached out to thousands of families from Portland, Salem, Eugene and the surrounding areas. “I love being a part of an event like Ag Fest where kids and their parents can learn more about agriculture and where their food really comes from,” Kayli Hanley, communication’s director for the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, said.

The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association was able to partner with the Oregon Cattlewomen to put on a cattle and beef booth for kids and their parents. While the cattlewomen handed out beef jerky samples, the cattlemen quizzed Oregon families on their Oregon cattle knowledge via a trivia wheel.

Some of the questions asked were, “How many cattle do you think were in Oregon last year?” and “What color are cows color blind to?” Both kids and their parents were excited to try and answer questions like these and more importantly, learn the correct answers.

One of the booth’s participants commented about his Ag Fest experience saying, “I loved that there was a lot for the children to do. It seemed to keep us busy for about 4 hours and they were exposed to all kinds of things.”

Ag Fest is a yearly tradition in Oregon and one that the Cattlemen’s Association looks forward to being a part of in the coming years.

(In case you didn’t know the answers to the above questions, the answers are 1.28 million and green!)

The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association was founded in 1913 and works to promote environmentally and socially sound industry practices, improve and strengthen the economics of the industry, and protect its industry communities and private property rights.


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