The Oregon Cattleman is the official publication of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association.

It is published monthly, except for the combined April/May and July/August issues, and has a circulation of 2,500+. It is an optimal way to reach beef producers across the state regardless of location or size. In addition to cattle producers, many other agriculture related interests, affiliated organizations, government officials and legislators subscribe and read the Oregon Cattleman.

The Oregon Cattleman was re-introduced in March of 2017 in an exciting reboot of our 1980’s publication. Columns from the OCA’s President, Executive Director, Political Advocate, and a variety of committees including, but not limited too, Private Lands and Beef Cattle Improvement, provide an amazing opportunity to stay connected in the Pacific Northwest Ranching world!

Main Office

Oregon Cattlemen’s Association
1320 Capitol St., NE
Suite 150
Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone: (503) 361-8941

Editorial Content

Stevie Ipsen
Phone: 208-996-4922


Lisa Pherigo
Phone: 916-444-0845

Northwest Sales Representative

Jan Ford
Cell: 208-340-5157
Fax: 805-783-2406

National Sales Representative

The Powell Group Inc.
4162-B Carmichael Court
Montgomery, AL 36106

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