May 3, 2012. Salem, OR – Curtis Martin, President of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, issued the following statement regarding today’s reported kills of sheep and lambs in Weston, located in northern Umatilla County:

“The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is gravely concerned at the most recent report of livestock killed by a Canadian Gray wolf, as reported by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. Predator attacks of livestock, in this case four sheep (two ewes and two lambs with a third missing) represents danger not only to livestock but also to local wildlife, domestic animals and landowners.

Predator management including management and control of Canadian Gray Wolves in Oregon is an important function of ODF&W as well as the local residents of our communities where the predator presence is apparent. It is critical that good research and data is collected on these incidents in order to fully inform the process of management and control. Professional, research based management practices benefit landowners but also their animals and pets, their livestock and their families. It is imperative that the ecological balance that is necessary for wildlife to not only grow but to thrive is implemented and monitored. This balance is important for our environment and to continue the ability of the cattle industry to contribute to and grow Oregon’s economy. Predator population must be carefully planned to meet that balance for the best interests and safety of those involved. The OCA supports professional, science based management and control programs to be developed that have significant input of the local residents of areas impacted.”

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