Statement from the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, November 18, 2016; Director of Agriculture

November 18, 2016   -   Featured, Legislative, News

Katy Coba Resigns as Director of Agriculture

August 24, 2016   -   Featured, Legislative, News

Salem, Ore. (August 24, 2016) – Katy Coba, a fifth-generation wheat farmer from Pendleton, Oregon has resigned as the Director of Agriculture for Governor Kate Brown after thirteen … READ MORE

A Positive Action for Ranchers, Wolves and Oregon

March 4, 2016   -   Featured, Legislative, News, Press Releases

Salem, Ore., (03/04/16)—After months of hard work, long conversations and countless meetings, HB 4040 passed the senate on a 17-11 vote Wednesday evening. This bill, sponsored by Representative … READ MORE

Federal Support for the Wolf Delisting Bill: HB 4040

February 22, 2016   -   Featured, Legislative, News

“Dear Chairman Edwards and Members of the Committee: I urge you to stand behind the public process and provisions embodied in the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan … READ MORE

Testimony Against HB 2012, Minimum Wage Increase

April 14, 2015   -   Featured, Legislative, News

Mr. Chairman Holvey and members of the committee, As Executive Director of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, I, Jerome Rosa, ask you to please vote no on HB 2012. … READ MORE

A Call to Action by Jim Welsh

February 4, 2015   -   Featured, Legislative, News

Take Action Now: Proponents of bad policy are working hard, we need to work harder. This Monday afternoon the first public hearing on Senate Bill 324 took place. The bill, … READ MORE

Understanding Our Friends

November 5, 2012   -   Legislative

By Jim Welsh, Political Advocate Sometimes it is difficult to understand where your friends are coming from on a particular issue, especially when you have vowed to work … READ MORE

May 2011 Legislative Update

May 25, 2011   -   Legislative

By Jim Welsh Revenue Forecast The May Revenue Forecast shows state revenues headed in the right direction. The forecast shows an increase of $128.8 million for the 2011-2013 … READ MORE

Wolf Legislation Talking Points

March 24, 2011   -   Legislative

OCA Wolf Legislation Talking Points Main Point:  These bills will help you protect you and your family, your property and your livelihood.  Also, listed below are general wolf … READ MORE

Rep. Richardson’s Newsletter, Nov. 19, 2010

November 22, 2010   -   Legislative

Oregon’s December Forecast & Charting A New Course I am State Representative Dennis Richardson and I write this newsletter for Oregonians interested in what can be done to … READ MORE

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