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Right Place. Right Time. Oregon Rancher reflects on rangeland consulting in Mongolia.

April 27, 2021

Wallowa county rancher Dennis Sheehy has discovered a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Dennis joined the Marines in 1966 after, he admits, a failed first-year attempt at college. During his service in Vietnam, he developed an internal drive to provide more positive work for the Vietnamese people. However, his time in Vietnam was cut short when he was hit in the arm by a bullet, ending his military duty. After returning to the United States, Dennis realized his work in Asia was not ending, it was just beginning.

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Spotlight: Joe Villagrana

March 1, 2021

“The practical experience will come on its own, but the education of accounting, marketing, business management or financing in this industry is extremely valuable,” said Joe, “if you do not understand the numbers then the rest won’t make sense.” Joe was born to an immigrant family and he decided at a young age he would be involved in ranch management.

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Spotlight: Shane Gomes

February 1, 2021

Shane Gomes is the newest member of the OCA Board of Directors, but he is no stranger to the association. Shane comes from a family line of involvement in local and state affairs. His grandfather, Don Gomes, was President of OCA in 1990-91 and his father, Don Gomes Jr., served as District Vice President for regions three and four from 2006-10…

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Spotlight: Andy VanderPlaat

December 1, 2020

Andy VanderPlaat is dedicated to enriching his community. He serves on the Board of the Pendleton Cattle Barons; an event created to honor the region’s cattlemen and celebrate the roots of ranching. He is also retired from working with Northwest Farm Credit Services, where he served the ranching community for over 40 years. Most importantly, Andy is the current OCA District Three Vice President and represents five counties of cattlemen: Umatilla, Morrow, Gilliam, Sherman, and Wasco.

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Spotlight: Scott Shear

November 1, 2020

Scott Shear is OCA’s District Two Vice President. District Two is made of Baker, Union, and Wallowa counties in the far Northeast of the state, a terrain Shear referred to as “wild country.” Shear took on leadership with the Wallowa county Stockgrowers circa 2010-2012 and stayed involved in the local and state associations until he was once again asked to volunteer more of his time as a District VP, a role he was nominated for at the 2019 OCA Convention…

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Spotlight: Chris Christensen

October 1, 2020

Chris Christensen is OCA’s District One Vice President. He is the facilitating voice between the state association and the county associations of Grant, Harney and Malheur counties. Chris and his wife, Bonnie, believe in leadership and transparency in the beef industry, which is why Chris decided to take a position of leadership within the industry over eight years ago…

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The Power of Service: Outgoing President Nathan Jackson

December 31, 2019

So how does a young boy from a logging community in Douglas county rise to notable agricultural leadership? Simply put, Nathan believes in the power of service. His father encouraged him from a young age to build a career with strategy and integrity, and in doing so, Nathan has been able to rise through the ranks in one of the most honorable fields – agriculture.

“Like so many young adults today, I wasn’t raised on a ranch or a farm, so I faced capital barriers to forging a life in agriculture,” says Jackson. After graduating from South Umpqua High School, Jackson pursued ag classes at Umpqua and Klamath Community Colleges while working in the casino cages at the Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville. In 2000, the Cow Creeks purchased K-Bar Ranches, outside of Myrtle Creek. It was at that time; Jackson took his first professional role in agriculture as a ranch hand…

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Oregon Cattle Con 2019

December 12, 2019

You may have noticed some re-branding to the Oregon Cattlemen’s “Annual Convention” this past year. Adapting NCBA’s Cattle Con branding to “Oregon Cattle Con”, was a fresh way to market one of the largest cattle industry gatherings in the PNW to the old hats, the newbies, and everyone in between. The marketing strategy was a big hit on social media! As #oregoncattlecon built traction on Instagram and Facebook, Social Stories were flooded with snips and snaps of OCA presentations, speakers, and entertainment in Bend and the OCA Facebook page leaped past 10,000 followers to 10,315 in the month leading up to convention – a digital success! This was not the only change – this past year the OCA staff took a close look at how to make this event more informative to all, a fun happening, and as economical as possible for the association, members, natural resource partners, and dedicated sponsors…

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PAC: Support Where it Counts

October 16, 2019

On Sept. 19 cattle producers, allies and advocates gathered at the Malott ranch for the Cowboy ImPACt dinner, generously hosted by Central Oregon Ranch Supply on the eve of their annual tradeshow.

This event is the Oregon Cattlemen’s only annual fundraiser to support the lawmakers who fight for the rights of Oregon farmers and ranchers in the Capitol. All proceeds from the event go to the OCA’s Political Action Committee. For the second year, Mark Malott opened his barn doors and invited OCA members to gather for a delicious steak dinner and lively conversation about issues that impact the rancher’s way of life in this state

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Lifelong learning on the Ranch

July 31, 2019

Do we stop learning? Or better yet, do we ever want to stop learning? Of course not. Every day when we open our eyes in the morning, we’re presented with the chance to learn, to digest something new – from our work, community, or the world operating around us. At the same time, each one of us carries a sliver of knowledge that someone else does not know and just maybe, we will have the opportunity, on any given day, to shift, enrich or transform someone’s worldview…

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