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“The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is the only organization that speaks specifically for the beef industry’s issues and concerns and it’s important to those who are involved in the industry that support it. I believe the best way to contribute is to participate.”
– Andy VanderPlaat, OCA Treasurer

For Committee Chair contact information call the OCA office at 503-361-8941

Standing OCA Committees

Animal Health/Brand & Theft Chair
Rodger Huffman – Union

This committee seeks to encourage animal husbandry practices within Oregon that will prevent, control, and eliminate animal diseases and pests. The committee supports and encourages research in cattle health diseases as well as the use of drugs and health aids to control these diseases. The committee seeks to ensure that decisions concerning the use of disease control substances are made on the basis of economic and scientific facts.

The committee works toward laws and regulations concerning disease control between states to improve and expedite the interstate movement of cattle. The committee also works in the areas of cattle identification through branding and prevention of theft through an effective reward program. The committee recommends needed modification in state brand laws and identification systems. The committee seeks to encourage the development of animal identification systems that works and that ranchers can afford.


Marketing/Beef Cattle Improvement Chair
Clint Sexson – Stanfield

The marketing committee works to ensure Oregon’s cattle are bought at a price that is both profitable to the producer/feeder and fair to the consumer. To that end, the committee gains knowledge of national and international economic factors that directly affect the free enterprise system while it explores, develops, and encourages marketing techniques for the beef cattle industry.

The committee offers guidance and support to the industry-wide promotional efforts. The committee also works to reduce governmental regulations or to update outmoded marketing laws that could hamper the modern cattle industry.

This committee seeks to foster and encourage the continued genetic upgrading of Oregon’s cattle. The committee provides ranchers with information concerning breeding techniques and scientific advancements in animal husbandry. The committee also serves as a liaison between centers of research in beef cattle improvement and the membership of OCA.

Integrated Resource Management is a concept and a process for those who have a commitment and strong desire to improve their operations. It entails the collection and use of data to implement action concerning the planning of specific goals, with an assessment of each operation’s current performance. IRM does not focus only on the production end of ranching but employs a full dimension perspective with regard to financing, the total resource base (as forage, water, soil, etc.), and many other factors. It is a continuous process of measuring current performance, establishing goals, implementing a plan of action and direction, monitoring the results, and re-planning.

Greg Roush – La Pine

The associate council is made up of dues-paying associate council members of the OCA who are suppliers or are otherwise friends of the industry. The council works with the association for the betterment of the OCA and the industry by taking part in industry relations between the Associates and the association, such as tradeshow at the Annual Convention and various educational events throughout the year.


Membership Development Co-Chairs
Amy McNamee – Grass Valley

Myron Miles – North Powder

This committee is dedicated to letting every cattle raiser know the benefits of OCA and NCBA membership and encouraging them to join. This committee is responsible for membership growth campaigns and the structuring of membership dues that are sufficient for maintaining the operations of OCA.


Young Cattlemen’s Education Co-Chairs
Devin Griffith – Williams, CA

Mark Wunsch – Madras

To learn more, contact the OCA office at 503-361-8941


Endangered Species Chair
Barry Shullanberger – Lakeview

This committee is entrusted with the responsibility of representing the cattle industry on matters related to endangered species and the federal and Oregon’s Endangered Species Acts.

The committee is vigilant concerning candidate listings and delisting that may have an effect on the cattle industry and utilizes all available resources to ensure the views of the cattle industry are presented in those situations. The committee also maintains contact with and provides input to, all appropriate government bodies and officials in the representation of the cattle industry interests with regards to endangered species matters.


Public Lands Chairman:
Matt McElligott
North Powder

This committee seeks to carry out the intent of policy with regards to public lands centered issues. This committee is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring a balance between environmental and economic concerns in public land decisions. This committee functions with the National Public Lands Council.

This committee, with the cooperation and assistance of OCA staff, is in charge of generating its own funds through a direct assessment of public lands permittees, and any other revenue-generating activities the committee sees fit. The committee funds are to be accounted for separately and dispersed at the discretion of individuals currently sitting as delegates to the National Public Lands Council. All interest generated by funds in this account is to be placed in the OCA general account.

Learn more about National Public Lands Council HERE

Legislative Co-Chairs
Cheryl Martin
North Powder

Jenny Coelho

This committee is entrusted with the responsibility of representing the cattle industry on the legislative front. The committee is vigilant concerning proposed legislation that may influence the cattle industry and utilizes all possible resources to ensure the views of the cattle industry are presented in those situations.

The committee also assesses the needs of Oregon’s cattle industry and how those needs may be met through the legislative process, and accordingly, advocates appropriate legislation. The committee also maintains contact with and provides input to all appropriate government bodies and officials.


Private Lands Co-Chairs

Bill Hoyt – Cottage Grove

Dan Leahy – Bend

This committee is responsible for ensuring that the maximum amount of property rights continues to vest with the landowner. This committee has its special area of interests, regulations, and actions by the government that impinge on the use of private lands, such as zoning and other restrictions. The committee expands all efforts wherever possible to prevent excessive governmental control over private land.


Water Resources Chair
Sara Liljefelt

This committee works to preserve private water rights and the cattlemen’s needs for this essential resource. To this end, the committee monitors appropriate legislative committees and governmental agencies. The committee shall ensure representation from OCA in these matters.

Wildlife Chair
Dennis Sheehy – Wallowa

This committee seeks to advance the interests of cattlemen in the recreation, wildlife, and related fields while giving OCA members a direct means through which to form policy on these topics.

This committee also seeks to advance the causes of free enterprise and private property against recreational forces that would usurp them. This committee espouses the concept that wildlife and its habitat are preserved and protected through consumptive use of wildlife in the context of conservation plans.


Wolf Co-Chairs
Veril Nelson (Western Region) – Oakland

John Williams (Eastern Region) – Enterprise

This committee will work to defend rancher’s rights to protect their livestock from wolf predation and require full compensation to ranchers when wolf predation on livestock does occur.

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