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Oregon ag groups ask AG for more accurate Initiative Petition 13 ballot title

Twelve leading Oregon agriculture groups have petitioned the Oregon Attorney General’s office to clarify the sweeping devastating effects (IP) 13 would have on all Oregonians. The measure would criminalize good animal husbandry practices, hunting and fishing, animal breeding of both pets and livestock, and even home rodent

Beef Cattle Grazing More Help than Harm for Endangered Plants and Animals

Research recently published in the journal Sustainability documents a role for livestock grazing to support the conservation of imperiled plant and animal species in California.


Believe it or not…. some people receive misinformation about how COVID-19 is spread. These FAQs will help clear up some misconceptions for you.

Cattle Market Desperately Needs More Workers and Packing Capacity

Like many of you, I’ve spent many hours trying to pinpoint “why” the cattle market is in the state it’s in. Currently, we have consumers who hunger for American beef and are being charged outrageous prices at the meat counter but continue to buy anyways. We have feedlots who are stomaching (barely) the expense of $7.00 corn and selling live cattle for less than $120, and we have a packing industry that’s making an ungodly amount of money but continues to run processing speeds well below full capacity.

If that’s not a signaling cue for market chaos, I don’t know what is.

Beef campaign highlights cattlemen’s sustainability efforts

According to market research, only 24% of consumers say they are knowledgeable about how cattle are raised. This sustainability campaign aims to address that by introducing consumers to farmers and ranchers across the country and showcasing the many efforts underway to help sustain and improve the land.

Oregon initiative would ban animal slaughter, breeding

IP13 would classify slaughter as aggravated abuse, redefine AI and castration as sexual assault.

OCA Welcomes Renewed Interest In Cattle Market Legislation

“Right now, we have a lot of inside deals,” noted President-Elect of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association Todd Nash. “We have large corporate feeders making deals with large packing facilities, and we have no idea what kind of deal they’ve brokered there.  It’s led to a mistrust in the market.”

Beef Checkoff: Who’s who & how it works

By Greg Hanes, CEO, Cattlemen’s Beef Board

Simple hand-built structures can help streams survive wildfires and drought

Low-tech restoration gains popularity as an effective fix for ailing waterways in the American West

Colorado Cattlemen’s Association Responds To Gov. Jared Polis’ ‘Meatout’ Day With ‘Meatin’ Day

CCA has posted a list of beef barbeques planned across the state and restaurants and stores that will be offering meat specials on its website.

NYT: A Different Kind of Land Management: Let the Cows Stomp

Regenerative grazing can store more carbon in soils in the form of roots and other plant tissues. But how much can it really help the fight against climate change?

Meat Eaters: 5 Things You Should Know

Besides simply loving the taste and variety of animal protein on the market today, there are so many reasons I feel good about incorporating meat, milk and eggs into an overall diet that is also rounded out by fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats…

Choosing Sustainability Over Steak? Think Again (And Fire Up the Grill

If you’ve been missing those family-favorite meals, thinking you were protecting the environment and your health, then it’s time to come up to speed with the science.

Let’s break down two of the most common misperceptions about beef so that you can welcome one of the most nourishing, pleasurable foods in the world back to your table