This handbook is precisely what it says it is - a quick reference manual for landowners. Contained within its pages are details, descriptions, and explanations of the terms and concepts commonly used in discussions of watersheds, watershed management, and the bearing land management practices have on water issues.

The handbook not only covers issues pertaining to watershed management and grazing practices, but also includes basic scientific principles and philosophy, and introductory thermodynamics. This material is provided to give the user of this manual an objective reference point from which to judge the validity of information put forward in support of or against particular resource management issue.

We hope you find this manual useful and informative, and that it provides you with an objective viewpoint from which to make well informed and scientifically sound decisions about your own role in the use and management of our natural resources.

At the end of this booklet, you will find duplicates of all the useful tables included in the main text, as well as conversions to metric units, and examples of blank data pages for your own monitoring programs.

76 pages


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