2022 OCA Membership Benefits

Stratton Insurance and Nationwide Insurance Proudly offer you a “Land As Your Legacy” transition plan analysis at no cost.

The key elements of the plan include; succession planning, business planning, risk management, financial independence, and estate planning.

Contact Michael Stratton, Jr.at 800-225-2521 or 541-962-5191 to arrange an initial consultation.

OCA members get 15% off legal services for the following Schwabe attorneys:

  • Maria Schmidlkofer | Attorney | 503-540-4265
    • Farm & Ranch Succession
    • Estate Planning & Administration
    • Business & Tax Planning
  • Elizabeth Howard | Attorney | 503-796-2093
    1. Water rights & wetlands
    2. Public lands
    3. Fish, wildlife, & listed species
  • Joe Hobson | Attorney | 503-540-4269
    1. Agricultural business & real estate law
    2. Business formation & management
    3. Succession planning

Call Jeff & Crystal Martinez at (541) 241-4772 or (541) 707-7000 for more information or to enroll.

Members receive discounts when enrolling in an AirMedCare Network membership. When you use Coupon Code 15387-OR-BUS you’ll save from $20 up to $190 off your AMCN membership. An annual $65, 3 year $185, 5 year $300 or 10 year $575 membership covers your entire household within our expansive network with over 320 locations across the United States.

  • Must have proof of membership

OCA Members receive a discount up to 25% off retail prices on animal health, farm & ranch products.

Contact: Michaeline Malott at the store: 541-548-5195

  • Must show proof of membership

For more details, contact the Burns Office at 541-573-2622

Members will receive a 2 cent per gallon discount off fuel at the bulk plant level. This will include Pacific Pride and CFN cards issued through ESS, at ESS sites. All grades of fuel including non-ethanol premium are available. Members are encouraged to set up a PRA (premium rewards account) with ESS, this entitles customers to a 2% discount off all invoices.

This offer is available at all Eastern Oregon Plant locations.

  • Must show proof of membership

Contact Sale Rep Patrick Meyers at 971-209-4524.

Members could save up to 12 cents per gallon on purchases with MNOP.

MNOP will donate 1 cent back to OCA per gallon purchases at card-lock locations (Pacific Pride & CFN)

  • Must show proof of membership

Cattle Theft Reward: OCA offers up to a $5,000 reward for information and evidence resulting in a conviction for theft, damage, or driving away cattle or property belonging to a member.

Stewardship Fund: OCA provides educational scholarships, wildfire assistance & actively sponsors local fairs, 4-H & FFA chapters.

County Dues: OCA returns 10% of your membership dues to your county association.

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